Announcing: “Soulhunter,” a new HIDDEN story for newsletter subscribers!

It’s time for a new story for my newsletter subscribers, and I have a feeling many of you will be excited about this one — I know I’m loving writing it!

Before we go any further, though: if you haven’t read NETHER yet, stop here. Major spoilers ahead.

You’ve been warned. 🙂


Right. So… new story. How about a synopsis?


soulhunterWhen the god of death asks for a favor, saying “no” really isn’t a smart thing to do.

…And when the god of death is your best friend, the thought doesn’t even enter your mind.


When Eunomia left Detroit and her team to find herself, she imagined she’d spend some time traveling, and then head home to take her place on the superhero team she’d come to think of as family.


Life never does work the way you expect it to.


Her homecoming is cut short when the god of death gives her a task only she can accomplish. And it may end up being exactly what she needs:

“There are souls that elude the ravens, that hide from my judgment. Find them, and bring them back to me.”

Eunomia. Right hand of the Angel. Guardian.

The last of her kind, is now….

Death’s Soulhunter.

And the most lost soul she’s hoping to find, is her own.


This is Eunomia’s story, and it takes place after the events of NETHER. If I find that I like writing this, and you guys like reading it, I can definitely see Soulhunter becoming a spin-off series. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ll start sending chapters in January — there’s no point in trying to get anything like this going during the holidays. As with Earth Bound, the installments will come weekly, and the stories will be released as ebooks after my newsletter subscribers have had the opportunity to read the entire story. I hope you enjoy it!

And if you’re not already signed up for my newsletter… this might be a good time to do that. 🙂

EDIT: Many of you know that I keep Pinterest boards and YouTube playlists for each project. You can find those here, if you’re into that kind of thing:

4 thoughts on “Announcing: “Soulhunter,” a new HIDDEN story for newsletter subscribers!

  1. Kristen says:

    Finished the entire series last night and then stumbled across this, so I promptly signed up to the newsletter. Guess the luck of the Irish was with me this time. I’m glad to have caught this in time. Can’t wait to read E’s story! 😀

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