Betrayer is Out Today!

BetrayerCoverDaggerToday’s the day! The second Hidden: Soulhunter book is out today, and I can’t wait for you all to read this one. E’s job, the hunt she began at Molly’s request in GUARDIAN, becomes so much more complicated. My history geek side got to have some fun with this book as well, and writing E’s development as she learns how to let herself feel and experience things has been such an amazing experience.

Thanks so much to everyone who pre-ordered the book — you should have it waiting on your Kindles for you! Anyone else who is interested in grabbing a copy, you can find it on Amazon.

Tell me what you think! Comments, tweets, Facebook posts, emails (and, of course, reviews on Amazon/GoodReads) are always welcomed and appreciated. The support you guys have given me, your love for these characters, is something I am so grateful for. Thank you so much.

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