Book Three Teaser Snippet, Links and Other Miscellany

I think I want to try making a habit of sharing little snippets of upcoming books on Sundays. Eventually, I’ll get back to posting my weekly miscellany/inspiration posts, too, but right now I’m all about finishing book three. There are a few more scenes I want to add in to tie it all together, then it goes in for the final edits. Once I have a release date, I’ll definitely let you all know! It will be next month, for sure. I’m just not sure exactly when next month, just yet.

Here is a snippet from Home. NOTE: If you haven’t read the first two books, probably don’t read this unless you want a pretty big thing or two spoiled.

So, here’s Molly, doing what Molly does best. Mostly, irritating people. 🙂

I glanced at my father, then my mother. “Once you start tossing words like ‘gods’ out there, it does something. You start believing the shit you’re selling, that by calling yourself a god, you’re somehow above everyone else. And don’t deny it, because every one of you in this room, except for him, maybe,” I said, gesturing toward Hephaestus, “believes you’re better, somehow, than everyone who isn’t one of you.”

I paused again. “And you’re not. You’re just as small, petty, dishonest, and bitchy as anyone else. You think you’re above those in my realm. But you know what? Nobody in my world owes any of you shit. Nobody there owes me a damn thing. So you can call yourselves gods, hold onto that lie. But I’m not buying into it.”


I realized that I’m a few other places online, and if anyone is interested in connecting with me elsewhere, here’s where you can find me:

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