Book Three Update

We wrapped up our webserial Hidden time here together last week, and I want to start off by thanking everyone who read along. Doing the webserial was an experiment that really taught me a lot of discipline. Sitting down to write on those days I didn’t especially feel like writing was one of those habits I needed to improve on, and posting a webserial helped me do that.

The downside of the webserial format was that it really doesn’t mesh well in general with my writing style, and I found, especially after season one, that posting everything as webserial episodes was really slowing me down. I want to keep the stories coming!

Home: Hidden, Book Three

So, when I started posting the episodes for book three, I believed I pretty much had the book written. But in the editing process and getting it ready for publication, I realized that I hated my original ending. I mean…HATED IT. So I scrapped the final third of the book (basically everything that happens after that final episode I posted last week) and I’ve been busy re-writing it. I just wrote “the end” on it this morning, and I feel good. It’s a stronger book than it was, and I hope you guys will enjoy it. Now comes the fun part: revisions!

I actually do mean that. Revision is when I can let my more strict side out. It’s when I make my words behave. I love every part of the writing process. That initial “oh holy crap this will be awesome!” messy story creation time is a blast, and that’s my play time. It’s hard sometimes, too, but I love every moment of it. Revision is when I have to face my inconsistencies, my tendency to misspell the same damn words over and over again, my apparent adoration for certain words. It’s when I realize “wow, Molly says ‘fuck’ a lot” and edit them out, and still end up leaving plenty to satisfy my inner pottymouth. Writing is fun that way.

So this is all to say that we’re still on track for a February release for Home! I thought I’d have to push it back, but rewrites are going really well. Reviewers should have their hands on the book in a couple of weeks, at the latest, once the edits are all finished, and then it will be available on Amazon shortly after that.


I also have a newsletter available now, for those who want updates about book releases and other events. I swear you won’t hear from me often; I’m planning on sending the newsletter monthly. If you’re interested in signing up, there’s a link in the sidebar where you can do that.

Okay, back to revisions. Thanks for reading. ♥

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