Busy, Busy!



Things are busy here lately, but in that happy way of things when you’re working on things you love. The garden is shaping up; we’ve been planting and weeding and amending the beds, and our work is already paying off. Last year’s garden wasn’t exactly stellar, so we’re shooting for a much more bountiful garden this year.

Aside from gardening, things on the writing front have also been moving along nicely. Strife has gone through its final proofread and now it’s just in that final “check it over and make sure I didn’t do anything stupid” phase. We will definitely be ready for our June 3rd release! In addition, the ebook of Forever Night will be available from Amazon on Friday. Newsletter subscribers: you will have the final installment of Forever Night in your inboxes on Monday!


So that’s two projects down, and now I’m working away at the next ones. I finished outlining Hidden, Book Five this week, and that was a huge relief! I knew how it would end, but that whole “getting there” thing needed a bit of work. 🙂 I am also about halfway through outlining the next Hidden novella. Newsletter subscribers, same deal as before: you get to read it first, with a new installment coming out every other Friday.

Personal Stuff

On a side note, I’ve decided to really put some effort into getting into shape. The whole weight thing is irritating to me, maybe now so more than ever. I’ve proven to myself again and again that when I put my mind to it, I can do just about anything I want. So that fact that I’m still not pleased with my weight, when it’s something I can definitely do something about, is just annoying at this point. My goal is to drop 50 pounds by the time the final Hidden book comes out in October. I need to lose more than that, but it’s a start! You know how they always say you’re supposed to publicize your goals so they feel more real? Yeah. Now I’m going to have to follow through and do this. 🙂

I hope you all have a great week!

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