Shadow Sworn is Now Available in Audio!

ShadowSworn_AudiobookCoverI am so excited to share that the second Copper Falls book, Shadow Sworn, is now available in audio! The ultra-talented Julia Knippen is back as the voice of Sophie, and she did an absolutely amazing job. I feel like she really, really gets Sophie’s personality and I was just blown away by how well she brought her to life again.  Want to hear a sample?

It’s available at all audiobook retailers. If you are not yet an Audible member, you can get your first audiobook order free, so that’s a great way to get started on a series as well.


A New Day — Now Available in Audio!

61+wuORUKPL._SL300_I am so excited! The first StrikeForce book, A New Day, is now available in audio. I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Chloe Cole, who did a fabulous job bringing Jolene and the rest of the crew to life, and she will be starting work on One More Day later this summer. I’ve been extremely lucky with my narrators — I’ve wanted to stick with the same voice for an entire series, and so far, it’s worked out perfectly.

Here’s where you can grab your audio copy of A New Day. I hope you like it — I think Chloe was a perfect fit for this project, and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Betrayer is Now Available in Audio!

Betrayer_AudiobookCoverAudiobook fans, rejoice! The second book in my Hidden: Soulhunter series, Betrayer, is now available in audio. Narrated by the fabulous Julia Knippen (who also narrated both Guardian and Shadow Witch Rising) it’s over nine hours of time spent with Eunomia.

And Brennan… (ahem.) 🙂

And now I just have to say that Julia is the only voice I can ever imagine for E. She’s just perfect. She gets across both the strength and the serenity of E in a way that makes it clear that she just gets this character. I love listening to her.

Want to hear a sample?

You can find the Betrayer audiobook at all major audiobook retailers:

Guardian — Now Available in Audio!

GuardianCover_225Audiobook fans, the audio version of Guardian, Hidden: Soulhunter Book One, is available now at all retailers.

The Hidden: Soulhunter series is being narrated by the fabulous Julia Knippen, who also narrates my Copper Falls series. She absolutely nailed E’s voice, and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s a sample:

The Guardian audiobook is available at the following retailers:

I hope you’ll check it out! It’s always a new experience hearing the books, and Julia did a fabulous job.