Hidden, Interlude 4: Shanti

Dear Molly,

I don’t know why I keep writing these letters to you. All I do when I’m done writing them is stick them in my nightstand drawer. Maybe I’ll give them all to you someday. You’ll be back, and I’ll hand you this pile of letters. And you’ll read them all because that’s the way you are.


It sucks here without you. Continue reading

Hidden, Interlude 3: Demon

Nain was on the way home after he and Stone finished cleaning up a mess in Hamtramck. Warlocks, this time, unleashing their powers on their Normal neighbors, out in the open as if there wasn’t fucking National Guard swarming over the city. He walked. Gas had been the first thing to run out. They’d made do, driving out to the suburbs at first. Now, power was out in most of the near suburbs. Shit was bad. Continue reading