Copper Falls

Shadow Witch Rising

Two people, bound by a powerful curse.

When Sophie Turner finally returns home to the sleepy tourist town of Copper Falls, she imagines the kind of life she’d always dreamed of: calm, quiet, and peaceful. After years of having her steps haunted by a powerful and devious stalker, she is now living on land settled by her ancestors. She can feel the magic in her blood responding, and she feels like she finally has the chance to build a life.

Until he comes along.

All of her dreams of peace and calm come tumbling down the second Calder Turcotte enters Sophie’s life. The danger he brings threatens everything she’s worked for, everything she’s tried to build for herself. He gives Sophie an ultimatum: break the curse her ancestor set on his family, or lose the very land that’s allowing her to heal. And as much as she despises him, as much as she fears him, she’s equally drawn to his icy gaze, his strength. Helping him is the right thing to do.

She never would have guessed how much she’d end up losing to save him.

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Available NowA centuries-old curse. A conniving, obsessed warlock. A darkness that grows with each passing day.

Having succumbed completely to Shadow, Sophie now struggles with both the vile, strange magic flowing through her, as well as the curse her ancestor put on the Turcotte family. In taking the curse, she saved the life of the man she’s loved for her entire life.

All she needed was to buy some time.

But the curse is beginning to eat away at Sophie’s sanity, and learning to wield Shadow magic in a way that might save both herself and Calder’s line from its malevolence is proving nearly impossible. Sophie is in a race against time as well as her own increasing madness to end the curse before it infects Calder’s family again.

An old foe awaits his opportunity

Marshall, the warlock who now owns Sophie’s soul, haunts the shadows, frustrated by both his own inability to force Sophie completely to his will and the forces that seem to thwart his every attempt to make her do his bidding. His desperation turns to rage, and an entire town will be forced to pay.

Despite her madness, Sophie must learn to wield the magic she never even wanted, or everything and everyone she ever loved will suffer. And the ultimate price she’ll pay to save them will be more than she ever could have imagined.

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Light’s Shadow

Born of the Light. Corrupted by Shadow.
After spending
her entire life as a servant of the Light, Sophie Turner no longer knows where she fits into a world in which she’s been forced to become the very thing she’s come to hate. She doesn’t know herself anymore, and can’t seem to reconcile her strong belief in the tenets of Light as Shadow magic flows through her body, seducing her, tempting her to do the very things she swore she’d never do.
At the same time, her relationship with Calder Turcotte, the man she’s loved for practically her entire life, is on shaky ground. The things she had to do to break his curse haunt them both, and there’s a distance between them now that she doesn’t know if they can ever bridge.

All of that is bad enough, but when the alpha of the Copper Falls wolf pack ends up dead, Calder finds himself under suspicion for his murder, and it becomes abundantly clear that the quiet life Sophie and Calder crave is further from their reach than ever.

And when an ancient enemy returns to make his final move against Sophie, finally fulfilling his mission, she’ll be forced to rely on the tenuous alliances she’s made, as well as the Shadow magic she detests and distrusts, to save everything that matters to her.

A story of eternal love, forgiveness, and strength, Light’s Shadow is the final book in the Copper Falls paranormal romance trilogy.

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28 thoughts on “Copper Falls

  1. Pegge says:

    I just want to say, “WOW!” I have not read any of your other books, but after reading “Shadow Witch Rising,” I’ll be making sure to rectify that immediately! What an absolutely beautiful story of self awareness, unconditional love and sacrifice. The characters are so well written, as is the storyline and environment. As a reader, I was able to truly empathize and feel every emotion and see through the characters eyes. Thank you for such a gift. I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Hunter and Grace Draven, and am now adding you, Ms. Vanderlinden, to that high standard list of, in my opinion, best authors. Thank you, again, for creating and giving us such an amazing story, a beautifully strong heroine and a just as beautiful hero (who is also sexy as hell!). Love, love, love this book and can’t wait for the next one!

    • Colleen says:

      Pegge —

      I apologize for the late response — I just saw this comment. THANK YOU SO MUCH! There are no words for how happy your comment made me. I am thrilled you loved Shadow Witch Rising — I loved writing it!

      The Copper Falls series is a bit different from my HIDDEN series, which is urban fantasy, but I think you’ll find those same themes you enjoyed in Shadow Witch Rising (unconditional love, sacrifice, strong heroine) are there as well.

      Thank you so much!

  2. Nicole says:

    I LOVED reading the Copper Falls Series! To my surprise it’s after midnight and I’ve read both books in one night! When will the third be released?! You are an incredible writer, I was positively lost in the story! Thank you for a wonderful evening!

    • Colleen says:

      Thank you so much, Nicole! The third book will be out sometime in 2016. Most likely summer/early fall, though I think I’ll have a Copper Falls novella out sometime between now and then. I am so happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Colleen says:

      Hi Diane! Thank you so much! I’m planning to have it out in late summer/early fall. Right now, I’m planning on a September release.


  3. Dee Zumalt says:

    Colleen, i am 65 and I love anything that has to do with the supernatural. and I love the Copper Falls and I also love the Hidden Series. I have a really hard time finding books to hold my interested so wanted to let you know I love your writting and they are great stories.

    Thank you for what you do.

  4. Jen says:

    I’m ready for the third book. Like, I’m ready NOW! Well done on these and your others. I enjoy your writing style and the characters you bring to life. Now about that third book…..

    • Colleen says:

      Thank you Jen!! Right now, I am shooting for a late October/early November release for Copper Falls #3. Fingers crossed. 🙂 I’m so happy you’ve been enjoying the series!

  5. Denise says:

    Love, love ,love all of your books!!! Seriously, if you have it in print, I bet I’ve read it. Any word on the 3rd Copper Falls release?

    Thank you for the wonderfully written, and creative story’s!


    • Colleen says:

      Hi Denise! Thank you so much — you just made my day!! I am planning to have the 3rd book out in December or January, depending on how edits go. 🙂

  6. Dee Zumalt says:


    As I sit here waiting for the next Copper Falls book to come out, I took the time to read the StrikeForce series and I loved the first 4 books in the series. I also note that book 5 Haunted is due out this year. Do you have a date for release yet? I love your books and I so far have read everything you have on Amazon. Can not wait for the next book in Copper Falls and SrikeForce!


    • Colleen says:

      Hi, Dee! Thank you so much. Haunted will likely get pushed back to early 2017 as I work on getting the next Exile and the 3rd Copper Falls books finished up. Thank you! <3

  7. Dee Zumalt says:

    Hi Colleen!
    Any word yet on when Cooper Falls and Exile will be out. Just love your books and am very excited for them to come out.


  8. Georgina says:

    Wow, the first book was good, this one is great.I am anxiously awaiting the third one . Excellent job.

  9. Dee Zumalt says:

    Colleen, I Just finished reading the Exile books and wanted to let you know that I loved both of them. I am hard on books and it is not easy to find things I like but I knew with in the first couple of pages that they were going to be awesome. I find that if a book does not hook me with in the 1st couple chapters I will more than likely never finish it. But Exile had no such problem. Again, you have in awe of your writing. Dee

  10. Dee Zumalt says:

    Hey Colleen any date on when the new Cooper Falls will be released? I keep watching for it on Amazon and hope it will be any day now. LOL Have a great weekend.

    • Colleen says:

      It will definitely be in March! I’m struggling with it a bit, but I’m closing in on finishing it up. Thanks for your patience! 🙂

  11. Dee Zumalt says:

    Colleen, What an amazing end. Thank you for a book that held my interest from beginning to end. I will miss Sophie and Calder and I will even miss Migisi and Luc. In the end there was peace for everyone and that included Esme. And she really needed Peace. Thank you again for the wonderful books and I can not wait to see what you bring out next. And one other thing, It took a while to get this last book out. But here’s the thing, If you are not happy with the ending then most likely nobody else will like it. We are the readers and not the writers so we have no clue what stress is imposed on your mind as you write. Anybody can write but most cannot be writers and there is a hugh difference between the two. Thank you again for an amazing ending to one of my favorites.

    • Colleen says:

      Thank you so much, Dee! <3 It took a while, but I'm so glad I didn't go with the first draft or two, which felt off to me. Thanks for reading, and I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the book and (most importantly of all, as someone who stressed over this book for the last year and a half, afraid that the ending wouldn't do my characters justice...) that the ending was a GOOD one. 🙂

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