Gardening, Reading, and Plotting (mwahahaha…)

I seem to have gotten out of the habit of doing my weekly updates. What a surprise, eh? 😉 I think part of the issue was that I was planning them for Friday, and I now realize that Friday just doesn’t work. Maybe Wednesdays will work. Or maybe not.

Blogging is always the first thing to fall by the wayside when things get busy. That feels wrong to me, really. I think I’m falling back on Facebook and Twitter too often and then I end up ignoring my blog.

Anyway. Here’s what I’m busy with this week.


I am on schedule to finish Shadow Sworn by the end of the month, and that feels great. Shadow Witch Rising was a nightmare to write, partially because it was the first non-HIDDEN book I’ve released and I had myself psyched out that everyone would hate it. That particular stress is gone, but Shadow Sworn has its own complications. Mainly, it’s a much darker book, and it’s a bit draining emotionally, despite how much I love writing it.

I’m also making good progress on Shifted Fate, which is the current newsletter story I’m writing. That one has been a lot of fun to work on. I suspected it would be.

I always have a side project I’m working on in addition to my two main ones (I can’t work on one project at a time. When I do, things don’t go well. It seems counterintuitive, but that’s just the way it works for me) and in this case it’s a fantasy romance that I’m really excited about.


Oh, the reading. There aren’t enough hours in the day. Right now, I’m reading Sandra Byrd’s Mist of Midnight, which is gothic romance. Not a genre I’ve read much, but I can easily see becoming obsessed with it. If you have gothics you love, please let me know in the comments — I’m not sure what to read next. Of course, the lovely Grace Draven released The Brush of Black Wings yesterday, and I’ll be reading that as well! I’m in research mode for another project I am considering, so I’m reading quite a bit of Detroit history right now. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve read the following:

  • Detroit Across Three Centuries by Richard Bak
  • Hidden History of Detroit by Amy Elliott Bragg (HIGHLY recommended, as is her blog, Night Train to Detroit.)
  • Motor City Mafia by Scott Burnstein
  • Detroit’s Infamous Purple Gang by Paul Kavieff
  • The Violent Years: Prohibition and the Detroit Mobs by Paul Kavieff (currently reading)

Are you sensing a trend here? 😉 We’ll see how it all goes.

Life Stuff:

Besides reading and writing, I’m trying to get into a more regular exercise routine (ugh). The kids have been busy with their summer classes, and the demon dog continues to be evil while also being disarmingly cute. There has also been quite a bit of gardening, and I’m really happy with the way the garden’s looking right now.  


We’ll be seeing Ant-Man on Friday (who else is planning on seeing it?) and then Saturday is my birthday!

I guess that wraps it up for this week. If you have any gothic romance recommendations, please leave them in the comments! Thanks!

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