This Thanksgiving, I’m truly grateful for my life. Not only do I have an amazing family, a comfortable home, and good food to eat (things that, unfortunately, many people do not have) but, in addition, I’m able to support my family by doing work I love.

I write. And people are willing (and sometimes, very happy!) to pay me to tell them stories.

Do you have any idea how insane that is? This is something I’ve wanted since I was eleven years old and I sat scribbling really bad fanfic (was there a word for it then? Because that’s what I was writing) and I was getting to a point in my life in which I was starting to think I’d never actually do it. I was writing and proofreading for a living, and had nearly reached the point of settling on that being good enough. I scribbled down the beginning of Molly’s story when I was pregnant with my son. I wrote between taking care of my kids and feeding my newborn daughter and being sick and tired… because it was fun, and because it made me happy.

I never, in a million years, expected it to go anywhere.

As much fun as writing is, it’s kind of incomplete unless there’s someone there to read it. And that is where you come in. This year, some of those long-held (and nearly abandoned) dreams of mine came true. Thank you for helping make that happen.

(Related: Nether’s release was my second-most successful release day yet — Strife still holds the record for biggest release day. I don’t think the timing was great on my part, but for a holiday week release, I’m very happy! So thank you again!!)



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