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I’ve been asked a couple of times how people can help support Hidden and keep me writing, and so I thought I’d put a few suggestions here. I love writing it, and I’d like to continue to do so as long as people want to read it. Here are some ways to help me out:

1. Review/rate Hidden on Web Fiction Guide — I’ve gotten a few readers from here, so more ratings and reviews would be helpful in convincing people to give my weird little story a chance.

2. Vote for Hidden on Top Web Fiction.

3. Share episodes of Hidden on social media. I’m active on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook, and any sharing you do there will be much appreciated!

4. Comment! I love getting reader comments. Even when you hate what I did. Even when you hate one of the characters. Even when you write “ew, not those two together!!!” I try to respond to all comments but it may take me a while. Know that I read and appreciate every single one.

5. Just keep reading. Seriously — if none of the above is something you’re into, don’t feel like you have to do any of it. I’m happy to have people reading this. I adore you, people who read Hidden!

Thank you!

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