“Hidden, Book One: Lost Girl” is Free TODAY on Amazon

Now Available at Amazon.com

Now Available at Amazon.com

It’s out!! The first Hidden book is available now on Amazon, and to celebrate the release, it’s free TODAY, Monday, December 2nd. So, if you’re someone who is curious what I’m always going on about, but you’re not a fan of the webserial format, or you think you might be interested, but you’re not sure this story is your cup of tea…today is the perfect chance to grab a copy and find out.

I would hugely appreciate reviews.

If you’re a reader who has already read the story, and you know what happens in book one, adding your opinion of the story to the Amazon listing would be a really big help to me. Anyone who does that will have my undying adoration.

My husband is also currently working on having paper copies of the book available through CreateSpace (mostly so I can have one, but others can buy them, too. 🙂 ) and when those are ready, I’ll probably do a quick post saying so.

I am so excited. And nervous. And happy. And….I still have writing to do, so I’m going to stop there. I hope you order a copy!


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