HIDDEN, History 2: Brennan

After my Hidden History post, I got an email about how though my explanation of Molly and Nain’s origins was much appreciated, I’ve apparently left Brennan out in the cold, and PLEASE MOAR BRENNAN. Time to fix that, because I LOVE Brennan.

I mean, I REALLY love Brennan. How much? Read on…

So, here are a few things about how Brennan’s character started: Brennan was not a character in the first version of Hidden. During the early Jace (not-Molly) storyline, he just didn’t exist. During the second (Megan) stab at the story, he just kind of appeared out of nowhere. I had not intended to make much of a big deal about Nain’s team, mostly because at that point, I didn’t see them as being important to the story (boy, was I wrong. Holy crap…) So, in version 2 (Megan, pre-badass Molly) and this shifter who is one of Nain’s team mates, become close, and he’s a great counterpoint to over-bearing, overly-serious Nain. The stuff about Nain raising him evolved as the story did. In the story as it stands today (which is obviously my favorite version, and the only version that really matters now) he’s closer to Nain, even if they don’t see eye-to-eye most of the time.  I really liked the idea of a friendship between Nain and Brennan — two very different men who have a close and really complicated bond.

Brennan is….well. Brennan is Thor. Okay, not really Thor, Thor. He’s Chris Hemsworth playing Thor. In my mind, he looks like that. He’s cocky. He’s good, and he knows it. There’s a part in season one where Molly is thinking about how Brennan is the only truly “good,” pure being on the team. If you’ve been reading along, you’ve maybe seen me add a few cracks to that facade.

For those who are Brennan fans, there will be more Brennan in season two. His character will continue to evolve, and I have so much more in store for him. Mwahaha….

So, there it is: Brennan’s twisted past. 😉


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  1. Sabrina Accalai says:

    ‘Brennan is….well. Brennan is Thor. Okay, not really Thor, Thor. He’s Chris Hemsworth playing Thor.’ I absolutely LOVE this sentence! It makes perfect sense to me too 🙂

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