Home: Hidden, Book Three is Available NOW!

Hidden_Home_SeriesCover_200Surprise! We were planning on a Monday release date for Home, but things went so smoothly with the final edits and layout (thank you to my amazing husband!) that we’re able to release the book in time for the weekend instead!

So, if you’ve read the first two books, and are wondering what’s next for Molly (and how the hell she’s going to get herself out of her current mess!) you can find out now.

Home is (so far) my favorite of the Hidden books. It was the most difficult to write, but I am proud of it and I hope you guys love reading it as much as I loved writing it. This book brings the first major arc in Molly’s story to a close. I feel like Lost Girl, Broken, and Home have been about Molly discovering herself and where her loyalties and boundaries lie. The end of Home introduces the next major arc, which will deal with the repercussions of everything that’s been revealed and has happened in the first three Hidden books. Right now, I have five books planned. If I feel like the story warrants it, and if it seems like readers want more and I still want to write about Molly, there will be more after that. We’ll play it by ear and see!

I hope you’ll let me know what you think! Leave a comment here, drop me a line at email@www.colleenvanderlinden.com or give me a shout on Facebook or Twitter. You could also consider leaving a review over on Amazon — those are very helpful, and very much appreciated.

Happy Friday, all! I hope you have a great weekend.


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