I Interview My Characters: Brennan

I talked to Molly and Nain during season one. Time to talk to Brennan, I think. NOTE: Spoilers. If you haven’t finished reading Season One yet, you may want to come back to this later.

Colleen: Hi Brennan. Thanks for doing this. I know there’s a lot going on right now.

Brennan: (sits, looks around) Sure. Let’s make it quick, okay? Molly’s supposed to be back soon.

Colleen: All right. So. I guess I’m wondering what your feelings are about Nain at this point.

Brennan: (laughs) Way to start with something uncomplicated.

Colleen: Well, I could have started with your feelings for Molly…

Brennan: (shakes his head) Those aren’t complicated at all. I love her. End of story.

Colleen: Okay. Well, back to Nain, then.

Brennan: Nain was a major influence on me. He took me in when I was nine. He was like a father, a brother, a best friend, and a drill sergeant, all at the same time. When I was a kid, I looked up to him. He was a badass, and everybody knew it. I wanted to be him. And then I grew up, and I still respected him, and he was still my brother and best friend, but I started seeing that there were other ways to do things.

Colleen: Such as?

Brennan: He was always such a hardass about everything, you know? Do not question his authority. Just take orders, do as you are told. There was no room in our lives for anything except fighting, and more fighting. You did things his way, and that was it.

Colleen: Until Molly.

Brennan: (grimaces) Even with Molly. Maybe especially with Molly.

Colleen: How do you feel about the way things ended?

Brennan: I want to kick his ass every time I think about it. I wouldn’t be able to hit him hard enough for what he did to her, but I’d try. He completely freaking destroyed her, and she had no idea it was coming.

Colleen: But Nain dying left Molly available, and it’s obvious you want her.

Brennan: Look. It killed me that they were together, all right? But at least she was happy. I kept telling myself that I could get used to seeing them together, to….everything. If we couldn’t be together, then, okay. I’d be her friend. I’d be there for her, and it would be enough, because at least she was in my life. Seeing her the way she was in the months after it happened gutted me. I can forgive him for dying. I’ll never forgive him for what he did to her. She doesn’t deserve it.

Colleen: Let’s talk a little about Molly, then. She sees herself as something monstrous and twisted.

Brennan: She’s crazy.

Colleen: Okay. Well, how do you see her?

Brennan: I’ve told her this before. There’s a darkness in her that makes her terrifying. It makes her hard, tough when she has to be. But she’s so much more than that. That’s all she sees. I don’t see that as much, because there’s a light within her that just goddamn shines, and it’s blinding. She’s the most honest, generous, devoted person I’ve ever known. And I’ve known some really good people. She is tireless in protecting the city, taking care of the team. She sacrifices herself every single day so people can go home to their families at night and live in peace. She takes on the worst shit because she refuses to put her friends in danger. She amazes me, constantly. (shakes his head)

Colleen: She can be pretty ruthless.

Brennan: Usually, the people she punishes deserve much, much worse. That’s the thing about Molly. She’ll punish your ass. She’ll get vengeance and she’s goddamned terrifying if you piss her off. But she’ll never draw it out, she’ll never just toy with someone. Even Nain got a kick out of really messing with people before he took them out. He liked it. She does what she has to do, and she ends it.

Colleen: So, her feelings about you are pretty conflicted.

Brennan: I don’t make things easy on her.

Colleen: It’s not like you can help it. Do you think you’ll ever get together?

Brennan: I wish we would. I don’t think it will happen, though. I don’t think she’ll risk falling in love with anyone again. I’m fine with being in her life however she will have me. I’ll love her no matter what. She’s never really had someone who was just there for her. That drives me nuts, that someone as amazing as she is, as giving as she is, has pretty much always been on her own. I hate that. She deserves so much more.

Colleen: She pretty much just wants you to find some gorgeous chick and be happy…

Brennan: (laughs) Yeah, like that’s ever going to happen. She’s it for me. Anyone else would just be a second-rate substitute. She’ll be home soon, by the way. She doesn’t like talking to anyone after she’s been out saving the world.

Colleen: Gotcha. Thanks for your time.

Brennan: (nods) The imps will see you out.

I hope you enjoyed this little chat with Brennan! Ever wonder how I picture Brennan when I’m writing him? This is pretty damn close:



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