I Talk to My Characters: Molly

OK. So if you’ve been reading along, there was a rather, um….pivotal scene in the last episode. And because I’m in the early dreaming/plotting process of writing season two, this seems like a good time to sit down with my favorite badass, Molly. (NOTE: If you’re a bit behind with your reading, there are minor spoilery things in here.)

Me: “So. Molly. How’s it going?”

Molly: “I kind of hate you.”

Me: “Yeah, I’m feeling the love. You know you’re a pain in the ass to write sometimes, yes?”

Molly: “Stop putting me into impossible situations and it won’t be so difficult. ‘Molly and Nain defeat all the bad guys and go on to live happily ever after. The End.’ How hard is that?”

Me: “Do you even really want to do the happily ever after thing with Nain? You seem unsure about this whole thing sometimes.”

Molly: *thinking* “I do. I didn’t realize it until recently, but yeah. He drives me nuts, and I want to kick his ass most of the time, but he’s probably the only being in existence who gets me, even just a little bit.”

Me: “But that’s what I mean. Is it like ‘ooh, love!’ or is it co-dependence? Do you need him, for the sense of belonging not to mention that whole feeding thing, and you’re maybe trying to tell yourself it’s love?”

Molly: “You are so annoying.”

Me: “Haven’t answered yet.”

Molly: “It’s probably a little of both. We’re messed up. I know that. He knows that. Love, need, want…whatever. He’s mine, I’m his.”

Me: “What do you like best about him?”

Molly: “The fact that he never underestimates me. He lectures, he gets pissy, but he knows I’m going to do my own thing and that’s that. And the fact that we both know that I’m the more powerful of the two of us, yet he never feels threatened by me. He’s the only person I know who’s like that.”

Me: “Brennan’s like that.”

Molly: *glares* “I don’t want to talk about Brennan.”

Me: “OK, fine. New subject: why do you do what you do? You could have had an easier life, you know? Cheated rich men out of their money, bribed people with the things you learned about them. Why go this route? Why put yourself in danger all the time?”

Molly: “I feel like I was meant to do this. I was never anybody, anything, to anyone. I got used to that. I was invisible for so long, and once that mess happened to me when I was sixteen and I realized what I could do…it was like all of the pieces just fit together. Like maybe that needed to happen to make me see what I was put on this Earth to do. I can’t explain it any better than that.”

Me: “Like a calling?”

Molly: “Yeah.”

Me: “What do you want? Really?”

Molly: “I want to take care of Astaroth, permanently, so my friends can be at peace. I want to do a good job protecting people. I want the bad guys to face justice, whether it’s mine, or Nain’s, or the Normals and their courts. I want the city to be safe and at peace. I want time to relax with Nain, and get to know him when we’re not stressed out all the time.”

Me: “The all-black clothing thing: fashion statement or what?”

Molly: “What a stupid question. I do most of my work at night.”

Me: “Admit it. Part of the reason is so you’ll look like a badass.”

Molly: “I don’t need an outfit to make me look like a badass.”

Me: “Point taken. Don’t do that glowy eye shit at me. Moving on: what’s with all the vintage stuff in your house? You don’t seem like the type who’d put a lot into decorating.”

Molly: “I didn’t really have a home, growing up. I seemed to get moved out of foster homes within months. Nothing lasted long, because I was such a creepy-ass, difficult kid. But I’d watch movies, like that A Christmas Story movie, and think how amazing it would be to have a family like that. I admit it: when I bought my house, I wanted it to look like the house in A Christmas Story. That place just screamed ‘home’ to me. So I started buying shit from the forties at garage sales and thrift stores, and then I ended up just having fun collecting.”

Me: “Cheaper to buy that stuff than new, too.”

Molly: “You’re not kidding. Couldn’t you have written me as a rich brat or something?”

Me: “Nope.”

Molly: “Whatever. Stuff from that period, forties, was well-made, too. Sturdy stuff.”

Me: “Last topic: you read comic books, right?”

Molly: “Yeah.”

Me: “You read DC Injustice: Gods Among Us?”

Molly: *nods*

Me: “So you know the deal, what starts that whole thing. With that in mind: what would it take to break you?”

Molly: “As if I’d tell you that, you crazy bitch. We’ve wasted enough time. I’ve got shit to do.” *stands up, stalks off, slams the door behind her*

Yeah, my characters and I have loads of fun together. I hope you enjoyed this little convo with Molly. I’ll see about getting Nain in here later this week.



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