I Talk to My Characters: Nain

All right. So my talk with Molly could have gone better. She’s a tough chick, and we maybe are a little too alike in some ways. If only I had demon powers.

Anyway, let’s see if my interview with Nain goes any better, shall we?


Me: “Hi, Nain. Thanks for coming.”

Nain: “Sure. Let’s make this quick, though. If I leave Brennan and Stone alone at the loft too long shit gets broken.”

Me: “OK. First question: tell us about your background. We got a little bit of your story when you told Molly about why you changed, but what more can you tell us?”

Nain: “When I spawned, the first French settlers were living in Detroit. The demons that spawned me–”

Me: “You mean your parents?”

Nain: *glares* “No. I mean what I said. The demons who spawned me. You Normals have ideas about parental relationships that are bizarre to us.”

Me: “So explain it to me. How is it different?”

Nain: “There aren’t many demon children running around in the mortal world.”

Me: “And?”

Nain: “Most demon children never make it out of infancy. Demons are notoriously shitty at caring and providing for their young.”

Me: “That’s not solely a demon thing, you know. There are plenty of shitty Normal parents out there.”

Nain: “Now you sound like Molls.”

Me: “That’s hardly a coincidence, considering.”

Nain: “Yeah. So anyway. Most demon kids never make it past infancy. They starve, or the parents walk off when they get bored of being parents, or one of them destroys the child.”

Me: “That is terrible. How did you manage?”

Nain: “Ran away before they got tired of me. I was on my own by my fourth year.”

Me: “Wow. And you did normal demon shit for the first part of your life, right?”

Nain: “Yeah. Molly’s about to learn some shit about me that isn’t going to sit well with her, I think. She knows the basics, but she doesn’t know the worst of it. She is going to Hulk smash me for keeping it from her.”

Me: “I already know what it is.”

Nain: “No shit.”

Me: “So you changed because you came upon a family and it struck you that you didn’t have to be the way you were, and you started acting like a hero instead of a monster.”

Nain: “I’m not a hero. I try to do the right thing. And no matter how much good I do, it won’t erase the shit I’ve done, or the shit I’ll still do in this life in the mortal world.”

Me: “If you say so. That’s what I want to ask you about next. You’ve mentioned the Nether to Molly. What’s the deal with that?”

Nain: “Most demons live there, and never bother making their way to the mortal plane. There’s no point. But there are some of us, who the Nether-dwellers call “fel-demons” who have chosen for whatever reason to live here instead of in the Nether.”

Me: “So one can travel between the two?”

Nain: “It is possible, but I have no idea how it’s done. The demons who live in the Nether probably know how, but that knowledge is lost to those of us who live in your world. Really, I think I got the better bargain. I got to meet Molly.”

Me: “You really love her, huh?”

Nain: “Yeah. I didn’t think that was possible. I care about Brennan, even if he’s a little shithead sometimes. And I want to keep my team safe and happy. But love? That shit was something I didn’t think I could feel. Not until her.”

Me: “You two are complicated.”

Nain: *shrugs* “Not really. We know we love each other. We fight, and we get pissed off at each other, and there’s no such thing as ‘easy’ in our life. But we know we have each other.”

Me: “Yeah.”

Nain: “Don’t mess with her. I’m not even kidding. You do something evil to Molly and I’ll…”

Me: “What? You’ll what? I created you. Don’t threaten me.”

Nain: (Mutters) “I see where Molly gets it from.”

Me: “Last question: what scares a demon?”

Nain: “Other than losing Molly? Only this: once upon a time, I wore the skin of a red demon who the citizens of Detroit dubbed ‘the harbinger of doom.’ I lost that form, but the demon still lives inside this skin. I fight, every day, to contain what I really am. My biggest fear is that I’ll fuck up, and let loose, and destroy any good I’ve managed to do so far.”

Me: “We managed to get through an interview without a single incidence of glowy demon eyes. You did better than Molly. Thank you.”

Nain: “I’m older and more experienced than Molly. I’ll never be better than her.” *stands up, nods, and leaves the room*

2 thoughts on “I Talk to My Characters: Nain

  1. Rebecca Roberts says:

    I LOVE Nain! I wish he and Molly were together again. They are so much better suited for each other than her and Brennan. When I read the scenes with Molly and Brennan, it feels like he makes her weak, makes her doubt herself and what she needs to do. When she was with Nain she learned to embrace who, and what, she is. Nain helped make her strong and still let her be loved and cherished. Yeah they fought, a lot, but I really think that would have faded if they had had more time to iron out their relationship. I hate, hate, hate her with Brennan but I do love him without Molly. It’s too bad Brennan couldn’t find a new soulmate. I just never have bought the two of them as soulmates; it seems so wrong for Molly. Just my two cents but I LOVE the books. Thanks!

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