Inspiration Boards for HIDDEN

Back when I started posting episodes of HIDDEN, I also started a board on Pinterest with items, people, and music that were inspiring me during my writing. A while later, I started a second board that was specifically to show some of the real-world locations that show up in the story.

These were useful to me, mostly as a central place to store all of those little tidbits I didn’t want to forget. And then I realized that people who are reading the series might be interested in them as well, to get an idea about some of the background of the story.

And then I realized that season two is shaping up very differently from season one. There’s a bigger story here, and it’s not one I envisioned back when I wrote the initial HIDDEN story. So I started a board for season two. I’m trying not to post things there that will be spoilery, but things that have already been part of the story are there. I also have a general “demonology” board because, demons.

Anyway, for anyone interested, here are the four boards:

hiddeninsp hiddenlocations


demonology hiddenseason2

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