Introducing: The HIDDEN Community Playlist

If you follow me on Twitter or FB, you may have seen me mention which songs are on my writing playlist for the day. These change, based on the scenes I’m writing. I’m always looking for more songs to write to, so I turned to the lovely community over on my Facebook page, and asked them which songs scream Hidden to them. They did not disappoint! As of this morning, there are nineteen songs on the Hidden Community Playlist over on YouTube. Here’s a list of the songs, as well as some of the comments from the readers who suggested them.

(NOTE: If you haven’t read all three books yet, you might not want to read the following list, because, spoilers! You can still enjoy the playlist, though! 🙂 )


  1. Mother by Terry McDermott
  2. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) by Metallica
  3. Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls (reader comment: when Nain and Molls first get together, to which I say YES!)
  4. Round Here by Counting Crows (reader comment: the loft in general)
  5. My Immortal by Evanescence (reader comment: end of Lost Girl. Absolutely. This was on repeat for me during the end of book 1, first half of book 2)
  6. Someone Like You by Adele (reader comment: Nain, after he finds out about Molly/Bren. Yep. Perfection.)
  7. Say Something by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera (reader comment: for the end of HOME — Molly/Brennan.) This was the first time I heard this song, and it made me weepy. Perfect.
  8. I Miss You by Incubus (reader comment: Bren to Molly after she leaves him)
  9. Let It Be Me by Ray LaMontagne (reader comment: Bren to Molly when he’s trying to convince her to let him be Robin to her Batman)
  10. Love Remains the Same by Gavin Rossdale (reader comment: for HOME in general)
  11. The Test by The Chemical Brothers
  12. Don’t Know What You Got by Cinderella (reader comment: final chapters of HOME)
  13. Another Love by Tom Odell
  14. Piece of My Heart by Janice Joplin (This suggestion was dead on — I had this on my playlist for most of Broken.)
  15. Devil Inside by INXS
  16. Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine
  17. True Love by Pink featuring Lily Allen (Love this song. This says Molly/Nain to me “you’re an asshole, but I love you!” which is why I put it at the top of this post) 🙂
  18. Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n Roses (Yes. This was on my playlist for Lost Girl. Perfect.)
  19. Young Blood by Sophie Ellis-Bextor (I hadn’t heard this song before this morning. It is so Molly/Nain I can’t even. Wow.)

So that’s the community playlist so far! Please don’t be shy about suggesting songs for me to add to it. You can add them to the comments here or over on FB, or give me a shout on Twitter. I am not picky at all about genre/time period, at all.

Huge thanks to everyone who has played along so far — this has been great fun and you gave me some great new songs to listen to.



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