Light’s Shadow (Yes, it’s really happening!)

The number one question you guys ask me is: Is the third Copper Falls book coming soon?

And I said Yes through 2016. And I wasn’t lying. I was working on it.

One draft… nah, this doesn’t feel right.

Two drafts… ugh.

Three drafts… what the hell is this, even?

Four drafts… better, but nope.

And here we are. I am turning the book over to my amazing beta reading team this weekend, which means there is no going back now. I’m happy with the way Light’s Shadow finally came out. It took a lot longer than I expected it to. And there were times when I think I lost sight of what this story is really about. At its core, the Copper Falls trilogy is about love: Sophie and Calder’s love for one another, and also Migisi and Luc’s. So in finishing up the trilogy, I had to make sure not only that the main story of Sophie fixing the curse and finally freeing herself and her family from Marshall was satisfied in a way that was fulfilling and entertaining, but, even more importantly, I had to let Sophie and Calder’s relationship grow and evolve. They haven’t had an easy time of it. The only ones who have had it worse than Sophie and Calder are Luc and Migisi… and I had to give them an ending, too.

This is what happens when you start book one thinking “ooh! Intertwining storylines. This will be fun!”


The truth is, it was fun. It was a lot of work, and now I’m excited to finally share with you that Copper Falls #3, Light’s Shadow, will be out on Friday, April 21st.

Finally. 🙂

I’ll have a cover reveal for you next week, as well as a teaser here and there. I’m hoping this is decent forewarning for those of you who want to re-read Shadow Witch Rising and Shadow Sworn before Light’s Shadow is out — I know some of you do that (and I do as well!) so… there you have it!

After Light’s Shadow, I’m going to work on the next of my Paradise Bay contemporary romance novels while finalizing my plot and notes for my next big project, which is…

The Molly Brooks series.

More details on that over the next few weeks as well. It’s going to be wild. And I have missed my potty-mouthed goddess, so I’m looking forward to delving back into the Hidden world again.

Thank you for your patience regarding Copper Falls. Every time I felt like putting the series off or taking a break from fighting through book 3, the reminder that so many of you cared about Sophie and Calder kept me working. So thank you, and I hope (really, really, really hope….) that Light’s Shadow is worth the wait. I know I feel good about it. I hope you will, too.

Until next time!



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