Molly and Eunomia


Forgive me for going all “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” here on you. (My kids LOVE that show, and so do I.) 

This post was inspired by seeing Susan (hi, Susan!) post on Facebook that Molly and Eunomia were two of her favorite book besties. I was happy to see that, because as much as I love writing the romantic relationships in my books, writing those friend and family relationships is just as enjoyable. Every time I get to write E and Molly together, it’s a treat. Honestly, I would like to write many more E scenes than I have, because she’s a fun character and her back story is amazing. I do have an idea for that, but that would be something to think about when Nether is finished.

Which should be in the next couple of weeks. I hope.

Anyway, back to Molly and E. What I love about both of them is the fact that they are each very experienced in certain aspects of life, and not at all experienced in others. For example, you have E, who has been around for thousands of years. She’s seen every facet of death and destruction you can imagine, and some we probably can’t. Her entire existence has been about duty, about fulfilling the things she was created to do. Interpersonal relationships, leisure time, basic, simple things, are things she has just about zero experience with until Molly comes into her life.

And then, there’s Molly. Who has lived in the mortal realm, who has had love and loss and hate and all of the normal things she’s taken for granted. As we learned in Strife, there are several things (ahem) Molly had done that E hadn’t. But for all of her human experience, Molly knows next to nothing about the world she really comes from. It’s all new to her, as is the fact that she isn’t at all what she thought she was.

So in their own ways, I feel like Molly and E are both kind of stumbling along. The great thing is that they have one another to lean on when they need to.

I really wanted to write a female friendship that had just about zero to do with anyone or anything other than the two women involved. I didn’t want any of the cattiness or stupidity over men or competing over nonsense that it seems many female relationships in the media are centered around. And even when things potentially could have gotten weird between the two of them (again, in Strife) the loyalty they have to one another surpassed any of that.

In addition to those heartwarming moments, I have to admit that writing Molly and E fighting side-by-side is a lot of fun for me.

I think what I wanted to get across with all of the relationships in the series is that things are complicated. Even with people you love. Even with people you hate. Feelings are not simple and as a result, neither are relationships. People screw up. People change. It’s the foundation of love and trust that two people have between them that determines whether the relationship will last.

And if Molly and E’s relationship has a bit of complexity to it, we haven’t even gotten into Brennan and Nain’s friendship yet. We may need a professional on hand to tackle that one. 🙂

Side Note: Earth Bound

This week’s installment of Earth Bound went out this afternoon. I hope you enjoy it!


Have a great weekend!

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