Pestilential January

Someone in my house has been sick every day since New Year’s Eve. I’ve been feeling like crud for the last two weeks, and those of you who are parents know how much fun it is to feel like crap, take care of kids who feel like crap, still kinda sorta keep the house running, and manage to work as well.

It’s been… not a great start to 2020. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m excited about this year’s publishing plans. So much fun stuff coming up this year, across all three of my pen names. But more about all of that another day. Here’s how I spent my January so far.

I worked. And worried about sick kids, and wondered if we all REALLY have to eat dinner again today. I mean, we just had dinner yesterday, isn’t that enough?! And with the pestilence that has hit my household, I’ve gotten very familiar with the various cold and flu meds available OTC. Here is my very random review of what we’ve tried:

Dayquil: Tastes like death, but the faces my kids made when taking it were priceless. Seems to work for a few minutes, but that’s mainly because you’re so distracted by the horrid taste that you don’t realize how sore your throat is or that your nose is running yet again.

Theraflu AM/PM: For cold medicine, I guess the flavor isn’t horrible. Except that you get to drink it piping hot over the course of several minutes, thereby extending the joy. I don’t think the daytime formulation does much of anything. The nighttime formulation does seem to make me feel sleepy and for about four hours, I stop coughing, which is nice. Sleep is good.

Mucinex AM/PM: Pills so large, my daughter couldn’t swallow them to take them, so I ended up taking these. They do stop you from coughing when you’re trying to sleep, but good lord the amount of ick you cough up when you wake up again. Gross. But effective.

Cough Drops: (Because even after all of that shit, your throat will still hurt)

Chloraseptic MAX: Very medicine-y. The back of your tongue will be numb and sorta tingly. And then there’s a weird semi-gelatinous medicine center to finish it off. But my throat did feel better for a little bit after taking one.

Halls Defense: We’ve gone through two giant bags of these. They don’t taste like death, they’re actually fairly soothing on the throat, and you get a little extra vitamin C, which probably isn’t a bad thing.

Home Remedies:

Mullein/Chamomile/Orange Peel tea: I brewed this with herbs I dried from my garden, and it worked very well in helping soothe my throat and make me stop coughing for a little bit. BUT, like the Mucinex, when I started coughing again, all sorts of ickiness came up. Which is great, but something to keep in mind if you’re planning on eating anytime after drinking it, and then you end up coughing your chicken noodle soup all over the dining room table. Yuck.

So, that’s what I’ve learned during the first three weeks of 2020. Even so, I will have a book out very soon, and I’ll share more about that as well as my other 2020 plans very soon!

Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links, partially because I was being silly, but partially because I know the crud is going around and maybe some of this might work for you!

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