Review: Coffee Girl by Sophie Sinclair

Fashion consultant Kiki Forbes is… not in a good place. Set up on a string of disastrous blind dates by her well-meaning best friend, suddenly unemployed, facing the prospect of working as a nanny for her sister (think Bridezilla crossed with a deranged version of Martha Stewart), she leaps at the chance to work as an assistant to a country band’s stylist. Sure, country isn’t her thing, but it’s better than what she has going on in San Francisco. Plus it’ll help build her resume. A few months on a tour bus, and she can figure life out afterward.

Enter sexy country superstar Tatum Reed and his green eyes and smooth voice and cocky, sweet demeanor, and suddenly nothing is simple. The attraction is immediate, but what really drew me in was how Sinclair built a realistic relationship between two people with very different lives. Flirting and friendship becomes more, and soon you’re just as caught up in Kiki and Tatum’s tender, sexy as sin romance as they are.

Of course, one of the trademarks of any great contemporary romance is a stellar supporting cast, and Coffee Girl has them in droves. From Kiki’s crazy sister to Tatum’s ex (now THERE is a piece of work), to the band and the other crew members, and even Kiki’s cat, every character in this book feels alive. It would have been easy to make a few of the more antagonistic characters into cardboard cutouts, but Sinclair does an excellent job of writing them in a way that feels real…. even when you kind of want to dump a latte over their heads.

This book hits all of my contemporary romance buttons: hot sex, adorable banter, a fun supporting cast, gleeful highs and heartbreaking lows. There were several moments when I wanted to smack Kiki upside the head, but love can make even the smartest among us into idiots at times, and I couldn’t fault her for those moments.

Coffee Girl got me out of a weeks-long reading slump. If you’ve ever been in one of those, you know it takes a certain kind of read to get you out of it. This book did it for me. Five enthusiastic, rhinestone-studded stars.

About Sophie Sinclair: Sophie is an avid reader of contemporary romance and suspense thrillers. She lives with her husband and two daughters in North Carolina. When not hunkered down writing, she’s either driving the kids all over town or taking care of their three rescue dogs, rescue cat and a guinea pig named Fluff.

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