UPDATED with Winners! Review and Giveaway: Elizabeth Hunter’s “The Singer”

Update: Thanks for entering! The winners, via Rafflecopter’s random picks, are Lucy McNally and Misty Denton Witt. Ladies, please email me at email@www.colleenvanderlinden.com with your email address and whether you would like “The Scribe” in addition to “The Singer.” Congratulations!!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00047]There were two books coming out in 2014 that I was ridiculously excited about. Books that set my fangirl senses tingling, that made me practically salivate at the idea of reading more about characters I’ve come to love.

One was Marjorie Liu’s Labyrinth of Stars, which I am not allowed to read until Strife is totally done.

The second was Elizabeth Hunter‘s The Singer. Which would have been part of my “get your writing done, woman” reward system as well, except that the lovely Ms. Hunter asked me to be one of her beta readers and I had the honor of reading the book a couple of months before it was released.

I love my life.

And I can say, for sure, that The Singer more than lived up to my hopes. The Singer continues Ava’s story after the loss she experienced in The Scribe. It shows so much more about the complex history and society of the Irin and the Irina. You get a look at Irin politics, at the different factions within it. So. Much. History.

And you get your first real look at the Irina. I’m not going to spoil it, but the Irina were so not what I was expecting, and they ended up being one of my favorite parts of this book. Ava learns more about her powers, even as she and the Irin try to untangle the mystery of where her powers came from.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story in case I have readers who haven’t read The Scribe yet, but….wow. This book is just everything I could have hoped it would be. In my bulb for The Singer, I said:

“Passionate, spellbinding, and heartbreaking — The Singer is all this and so much more. Hunter is at the top of her game, drawing you into a story of love, loss, bravery, and redemption. If you loved The Scribe, you will absolutely adore this sequel.”


And it completely is. I loved The Scribe. I fell completely in love with Malachi in that book. I have to admit that while I liked Ava in the first Irin Chronicles book, The Singer made me love her. I think part of it is that whole idea behind that Eleanor Roosevelt quote: “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” And seeing how Ava deals with everything her life has thrown at her made me root for her even more as the series has gone on.

This is a must read. You say you haven’t bought it yet? Or, you say you haven’t read The Scribe yet?

It’s okay. I’ve got you covered.

Today, I am giving away two Kindle copies of The Singer. If you win and haven’t read The Scribe yet, I’ll buy you a copy of that one, too. To enter, just leave a comment. If you tweet about the giveaway, you get an extra entry! Entries will close at 5:00 Eastern today, so, if you win, you can have your hot little hands on this awesome book by the time you get home from work. Happy reading! 🙂

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