Sophie + Calder (Today is Light’s Shadow day!!)

It’s here. It’s really, finally here and I am so excited to share Light’s Shadow with you. All of the miscellaneous drafts, all of the chapters I wrote, thinking they’d make the book better, and then deleted upon edits, all of the trying to make sure I brought this multi-generational story to a satisfying end… it’s finished, and I am thrilled. (Even if, crazy as it seems, I already miss Sophie and Calder. I’ve spent the last year and a half-ish fighting them and their story, and now I’m sad to see it over. Writers are weird.)

When I started this series, I knew four things.

  1. I knew I wanted to write a witch story. Lots of magic.
  2. I knew I wanted to write a heroine very different from Molly. Maybe this was my way of trying to prove to myself that I could write something other than a brash badass.
  3. I wanted historical elements, and specifically to play a bit with Michigan history and folklore.
  4. I wanted to write my own little take on Beauty and the Beast.

I’ve gotten to do all of that in the quarter of a million words that comprise the Copper Falls series. I’ve gotten to revisit an idealized version of one of my favorite vacation spots from my childhood, delve into Native American culture and folklore, spend some time with Michigan history… and I was able to write two irresistible (to me, at least) characters having wild monkey sex on occasion. Not a bad way to spend a few years of creative energy. 🙂

So, it’s here, and I’m so excited. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who read, reviewed, and wrote to me about this series. To the young woman from Michigan who wrote to tell me that Sophie saved her life, to the many women who wrote saying they appreciated seeing an “atypical badass” heroine, and to my lovely readers who drool over Calder on FB and make up whole stories about Calder and the loofahs at Target (you know who you are…) this is for you. Thank you!

Light’s Shadow is available exclusively on Amazon (and in Kindle Unlimited.)

2 thoughts on “Sophie + Calder (Today is Light’s Shadow day!!)

  1. Atene Angione says:

    Due to time issues, though I LOVE reading..I don’t have enough time; I have found I am able to enjoy “reading” at work (at times!!); I have a long weekend drive, this also gives me Audible “reading” time….so Audible Books is not just an indulgence that I love it is a …NEED.
    I purchase the books (on Kindle) and also purchase the books on Audible.
    When will Light’s Shadow be on Audible?
    Please rush!! I am dying to know what happens…I have the book, but I can only sit 5-10 minutes (if I’m lucky!!) An ETA please.
    And keep the books coming…I have read all your Soulhunter books…that was my introduction to your writing…and I have to say..every book…EVERY book I loved..keep them coming!!

    • Colleen says:

      Hi Atene! So sorry for the late reply! I’m hoping to have Light’s Shadow out in audio sometime this summer/early fall. Thank you so much for your support!

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