Strife: The Playlist

Music is almost as integral to my writing process as coffee.


I mean, let’s not go crazy here.

Anyway. I’ve mentioned before that every book has a playlist. Part of my pre-writing process for a book is putting a playlist together. These help me not only with the overall mood of the book, but also by providing yet another cue that it’s time to write. I sit down, drink some coffee, check my email and stats, and then I start up my playlist and I know it’s time to focus.

Here are ten of the top songs I listened to during the writing of Strife. There are a few others, but they’re kind of spoilery, so I left them out. It should also probably be noted that there is some potty-mouth language in this playlist. (It is a list inspired by Molly and company, after all!) Just a warning for anyone checking it out at work or with little kids around. 🙂

Playlist: Strife: Hidden, Book Four

1. Paramore: Renegade

2. Florence + The Machine: Shake It Out

3. Garbage: Run Baby Run

4. Garbage: Why Do You Love Me?

5. Imagine Dragons: Demons

6. Pink ft. Lily Allen: True Love

7. Eminem: Survival

8. Eminem ft. Rihanna: The Monster

9. Rihanna: What Now

10. Katy Perry: Unconditionally

If you want to listen to the full playlist (which includes a few songs that I also listened to, but didn’t make the top ten) you can check it out here on YouTube. Oh, and by the way… Strife, Hidden Book Four is out TODAY! Yippee!!

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