Top 5 Tracks on my Betrayer Playlist

If you’ve been reading my blog or following me on social media for a while, you likely know that I have a dedicated playlist for every project I work on. The songs help me keep the tone of each project focused, and they help me get into the right frame of mind and mood for each one. This is pretty important since I am usually working on at least two books at any given time, and usually the mood of each of them is pretty different.

My BETRAYER playlist has a pretty wide variety of musical styles on it, and part of that is that, for whatever reason, many of the songs for this book’s playlist are associated in my mind with a particular character. I thought it might be fun to share the five songs I listened to most. We are less than two weeks away from the release now! (Yay!!)

Betrayer: Top 5 Tracks

1. Led Zeppelin, Kashmir

This song has been with me in different ways since the first HIDDEN book. At the time, I’d noted it as “Brennan’s song.” And it still is, yet the longer HIDDEN went on, the more I started thinking of it as “E’s song.” I guess that kinda makes sense, considering. 🙂


2. Florence + the Machine, Shake it Out

If there is one song that kind of ties the whole Hidden: Soulhunter series together, it’s this one. “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”


3. The Pretenders, I’ll Stand by You

This song. The only other song I could ever consider as “E’s song” besides Kashmir would be this one. Her steadfast loyalty, her love for those she holds close, the way she’ll literally do ANYTHING to protect them… this song has all of that in it. (Fun fact: this was almost our wedding song when I married Mr. Vanderlinden.)


4. Courtney Love, Ms. Narcissist

Eh. Once you read the book, you’ll know who this song is about. 😉


5. Taylor Swift (featuring Kendrick Lamar), Bad Blood

Thank you, T-Swift, for giving me the single best song ever to revise my fight scenes to. 🙂


So, there they are. Once the book is out, maybe we’ll have to make a community playlist for HIDDEN: Soulhunter the way we did for HIDDEN. If you want to see which other songs were on the playlist, you can check it out on my YouTube channel.

BETRAYER is available now for preorder, and will be out on July 10th!

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