This Week: 4/13/14 Edition


Wildlife Interperative Gallery, Detroit Zoo

This was a busy week, but it was a good one. Here are a few things that I did, read, watched, and liked this past week.

Stuff I Did:

  • I sent the beta readers for Strife their copies of the book. We are getting close! There is still proofreading to be done, and I’ve already received a lot of very helpful feedback.
  • I worked more on Forever Night. 10,000 more words, and this one is done as well. (By the way, I put it to a vote on Facebook, and it appears that you guys are up for an extra installment of Forever Night this week. You’ll have it in your inboxes on Friday. 🙂 )
  • I started jotting down notes for the fifth Hidden book. I’m planning to get right to work on that once Forever Night and the revisions on Strife are finished.

Stuff I Read:


  • Right now, I’m reading Stan Lee’s How to Write Comics. I have said before that I’d love to write comics some day, but even if I didn’t this book is absolutely full of great writing tips. I’ll have a post up about that this week.
  • I also read an ARC of Katie Reus’ Sinful Seduction  (which I loved and will be reviewing later this week) as well as Vivian Arend and Elle Kennedy’s All Fired Up, which was a fun, steamy read.
  • I also received my trade paperback of volume one of Greg Rucka’s Lazarus, which is just amazing. I have all of the issues in volume one in single issues as well, but I love being able to sit and read an arc from beginning to end, and this one was amazing.

Stuff I Watched:

I’m not a big TV watcher. Other than Agents of SHIELD and Detroit sports, I don’t watch much TV. We saw Captain America 2 last Friday, and that was so good I wanted to see it again immediately. Cap and Black Widow were great as usual, but Falcon was my favorite part of the movie. And Bucky. There are a few scenes in there where he looks so menacing (the scene from the trailers with Nick Fury’s SUV, especially) that I swear I need to write someone like that. Loved it.

Stuff I’m Listening To:

Lots of Rihanna, because there are several songs of hers that just kind of work with the feel I’m trying to go for with Forever Night. I need to get to work on putting together a book five playlist eventually. That’ll come once I start getting into outlining and getting more of an overall feel for the book.

Stuff I Loved This Week:

  • Warm weather! It was gorgeous here, and we spent a lot of time outside, including a visit to the Detroit Zoo. My garden is looking so much better, and we have tulip and daffodil foliage popping up everywhere.
  • Aerolatte Milk Frother. I may have mentioned once or twice that I have this coffee habit. And I like frothy things. So my husband ordered this as a little surprise for me, and I love it. I’m using less milk and half & half and my coffee has this gorgeous, frothy foam on it. A little sprinkle of cinnamon on top, and it is perfection.
  • BETA READERS! I have a great group of beta readers for Strife, and I’m not just saying that because they like what they’re reading. 🙂 They have already given me so much great feedback, and it has been a huge help. I think I love them.

So, that’s it for how I spent the last seven days. This week, I’ll be finishing Forever Night and working on revisions on Strife. I hope you all have a lovely week!


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