Weekly Miscellany, 12/15 Edition

A while back, I was semi-decent at writing weekly posts about things that I’d read or seen that inspired me or otherwise interested me that week. Partially because I enjoy posts like that when I see them on other’s blogs (Natalie over at Radish Reviews does a great Friday Linkspam post each week that can keep me reading for hours…) and also to share those things that are (maybe) influencing me creatively.

Also….it’s a handy way to organize links I might otherwise forget. (I am ridiculously disorganized at times. I “organized” my daughter’s school stuff a few weeks ago, and have since spent days searching for one of her workbooks. It was in its nice, new spot. Organized.)

First things first: Broken: Hidden Book Two is available NOW on Amazon!! 


All right. So here are a few things that interested me this week:

1. My favorite thing this week was this video of Charles Bukowski’s “Roll the Dice” from the Poets & Writers website. Totally inspiring, and something I’ve found myself listening to quite often.

2. Mining Delray’s Scrap: This article and video actually appeared on the Free Press website a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been on my mind since. It happened to appear exactly when I was trying to figure out what one of the characters in my current work in progress did to make ends meet. So, thanks to this showing up at exactly the right time, Damian in my Perdition Lane series mines scrap to get by.

3. Assumption Grotto Catholic Church, Detroit.

 Photo courtesy of Andrew Jameson, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Jameson, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

I’m currently writing a scene (for the upcoming Hidden short story I mentioned yesterday) that takes place here. I went to midnight mass at Assumption Grotto once with my husband’s family early in our marriage, and I was amazed by the majesty of the church. I have a church thing, even though I’m not religious in the “organized religion” sense of the word. Go figure.

4. Currently reading: Write. Publish. Repeat. by Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt. Really, really good read for indie authors. I also have Joe Hill’s NOS4A2 sitting here, but I haven’t cracked it open yet. Soon!

5. Blog love: Night Train: Detroit by Amy Eliott Bragg. This is, hands-down, the best Detroit history blog. I’ve been reading it for years now, and I never fail to learn something about this city. She’s doing a series in which she’s visiting every Detroit cemetery, and each post has been fascinating. She also recently did a post about Rembrandt Peale’s gargantuan painting, “Court of Death,” and how it will (or will not) be affected by any upcoming (rumored) art liquidation by the city.

All right. I think that’s it for now. I hope you’re all having a great weekend!


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