Weekly Update, 3/2/14 Edition

Hello, all!

Well, it snowed again last night, which I could have done without. It’s definitely feeling like the winter without an end around here.

I thought I’d try to do these update posts just to collect whatever news there is in one place.

Facebook: Fancasting and Playlist

There are a couple of fun things happening on the Facebook page:

Newsletter and Forever Night

The second edition of my newsletter went out this past Friday, and it contained the second part of Shanti’s story, Forever Night. This will eventually be released as a novella, and it takes place through the later part of book three and between books three and four. It should definitely be read after Home to avoid spoilers. If you’re interested in the story, you can sign up for my newsletter and you’ll get a new installment every other Friday. And don’t worry if you’re behind already; I include links to previous parts of the story with each new installment. There is a newsletter signup link in the sidebar if you’re interested.


You may have noticed that I added progress bars for my current works-in-progress to the sidebar. Currently, I’m a little over a third of the way finished with the first draft of book four. My goal is to have the first draft finished by the end of this month. There are also a few other projects in the works, including Shanti’s book, the first book of my upcoming paranormal romance series, and even a contemporary romance that has no supernatural beings in it at all. (Crazy. I know!) There’s also an un-named “secret project” that is progressing nicely.

I hope you all have a lovely week. Thanks, as always, for being so awesome. 🙂

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