What I’m Writing Wednesdays: Nether Prologue

My time with Nether is drawing to a close. Well, at least the writing part of it is. There will be editing and polishing, but I usually edit as I go along so by the time I’ve finished the first draft, everything is pretty clean.

It is starting to feel final now. I made banners for my Facebook and Twitter pages, sharing the release date (11-24-14!) and, in several of the little promo images I’ve made up to this point, I’ve included the phrase “because all things must come to an end.” And of course, that’s an allusion to the series ending, but it’s also taken directly from the prologue to Nether. I think it’s a good time to share that part of the book!


Nether: Hidden, Book Five


The Story of Aether and Nether

As told to the Fates by Nyx, Darkness Be Her Name

In the beginning there was Chaos, and out of Chaos was born Darkness, and from the Darkness came everything.

Darkness called Herself Nyx. And She brought order to Chaos.

The first thing She made was to become Her most beloved creation.

The first thing She created, was Aether. Light. Her son.

After Aether, She created more.



And, because balance is essential, She created death as well.


She created Nether to balance Aether’s light.

And She set to Aether and Nether the task of creating realms to house the beings She would one day bring into existence.

From the moment she saw Aether, Nether was entranced.

He was light in all the ways she was dark;

Good in all the ways she was evil.

And she felt unworthy.


And all of the things she saw in Aether, he saw in her as well:

Someone to shroud him in darkness when the light became too much to bear;

Dark to his light,

Cool to his warmth,

Passionate to his calm.

The other side of himself.

And so, they loved.


And it came to be that the differences that had enamored them so

Began to drive them apart.


Strife found her first breath in them,

As did Misery, Sadness, Rage, and Violence.

And so, they fought.

The heavens thundered with their power,

And the newly-formed realms were set ablaze.

And the stars came to be;

Eternal proof of their passion.

And of their downfall.


When it was over, Aether lay crumbled, broken.

Nether, weakened.

And Nether wept over her lover, begged unforgiving Nyx to save him.

And Nyx could not repair the damage that had been done to Her most beloved creation.

She could not let him go.

And yet, he was beginning to fade.


Death would have its first victim.


Instead, Nyx used her power to keep Her son alive the only way She could:

By turning him into the realm that would be home to Her next creations.

A place of light, beauty, and hope.

She would never hold him again, but She could feel his presence there, and it gave Her peace.


But Nyx is not a forgiving being.

She turned Her wrath on Nether,

And, as punishment for what she’d done to beloved Aether,

Nyx turned Nether into a realm as well;

A realm that would be home to monsters.

It would house evil,

And those who lived there would one day rule the dead.


There they would exist for eternity, alive, imprisoned, their strength powering what would, one day, be the homes of beings so great and cruel and powerful that odes would be written and people would pray their names

They would watch life pass them by. Until the end of everything.

Because all things must come to an end. Balance demands that it be so.


When it was done, Nyx created the Fates and the Furies to provide guidance and punishment to those who would come after.

And, with Her work done,

With Her heart, Her soul, in mourning,

Nyx slept.

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