Yarn Along (Finally!)

I’ve been reading Ginny’s blog, Small Things, for quite a while now. Her photos are gorgeous, and it’s just one of those blogs that makes me happy every time I visit. Anyway, one of the things she does on her blog every Wednesday is host what she calls a “yarn along” — she shares a photo of her current knitting (or crochet) project, as well as the book she’s currently reading. I’ve wanted to participate, but never had crochet projects to share.

I’m finally working on an afghan for my oldest daughter, so I get to do a Yarn Along post this week! It was one of my little personal goals for this year, so I’m happy to finally be able to participate.


This is my first afghan. It’s a pretty simple pattern (really, “pattern” is almost too complex of a term for it) that I found over on Dream a Little Bigger by Allison Murray. She calls it a “Six Hour Afghan” but I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to take me a bit longer than that.  🙂 It’s a little over 1/4 finished now.

As for the reading, I’m currently reading Amanda Quick (A.K.A. Jayne Ann Krentz)’s The Garden of Lies. It has everything: mystery, a feisty, take no BS heroine, a brooding, mysterious hero, a Victorian London setting, and some pretty magnificently steamy writing, as well. I’m really enjoying it, and I think this may well lead to an Amanda Quick reading binge.

It was the perfect time for me to start a crochet project: I finished Shadow Sworn (yay!) and I’m starting both a diet and our homeschool year (yikes) so I need something kind of soothing to do in my downtime. So far, this project (and this book) fit the bill perfectly.

To see more Yarn Along entries, stop by Small Things every Wednesday. 

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